of Republicans favor allowing first trimester abortion


of voters favor allowing first trimester abortion


opposed overturning Roe v. Wade

Why Republicans for Pro-Choice?

The objective of Republicans for Pro-Choice is to change the extremely restrictive abortion law in Texas which, in the aftermath of the repeal of Roe v. Wade, under penalty of incarceration outlaws all abortion, even in cases of rape or incest.


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Republicans for

  • Republicans for Pro-Choice propose limiting abortion to within the first fifteen weeks of pregnancy.
  • Republicans for Pro-Choice seek to gain ONE MILLION SIGNATURES to regain a woman’s right to HER BODY.
  • Republicans for Pro-Choice will place the proposed initiative on at least 150 of the 254 Texas counties on the March 2024 primary ballot.
  • Republicans for Pro-Choice will ask YOU, the voter, "yes" or "no." VOTE "YES" WITH US. Let's change Texas' unreasonably restrictive abortion statutes TOGETHER.
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The Republican Party alienates a significant percentage of a large segment of the American population: Women.  

The overturning of Roe v. Wade set back the women's movement over a half-century. Though our Constitution remains silent on abortion specifically, many scholars consider taking the right of women to control her body, the right to freedom over their person, unconstitutional.
For five years running women have outnumbered men matriculating to law schools. Female now consistently comprise a majority of medical school enrollment as well, up from 7 percent in 1960. With each election cycle, the number of Senators, Congresswomen, and other elected officials across the spectrum grows. In the recently seated 118th Congress, there are now 128 women (29% of the total) up from less than 20 throughout the 1970s. The power women exert only grows. While the Pro-Life proponents must be respected, all surveys confirm that significant majorities of voters desire some reasonable middle ground on this sensitive issue. 

While abortion always should only be used as a last resort, times have changed, and the Republican Party must adapt.

You can be pro-life and still allow the compromise of first-trimester abortion. If the Republicans fail to make this compromise, they are going to be relegated to a permanent minority status.

America stands at an inflection point.

The repeal of Roe v. Wade and resulting draconian abortion suppression was the number one reason for the poor nationwide Republican midterm election results.

Through moderation in abortion statutes, Republicans for Pro-Choice aims to help women regain their right to choose and, in the process, demonstrate to Americans on both sides of the aisle that compromise unifies. It is our common culture that has made America the greatest country in the history of civilization. 


of 2022 Medical School class is women


of 2021 Law School class is women
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The Roe v. Wade repeal returned abortion as a state-level issue. It further limited abortion access in many states. Upon being overturned, thirteen states had preauthorized trigger clauses automatically in place, decreasing abortion availability. In some cases eliminating the right altogether, even in cases of rape, or incest. Texas is one of those states. Click here for the list of America’s most prohibitive abortion laws. 

Shuttering Planned Parenthood has much more far-reaching effects than simply restricting abortion. Health organizations, like these, provide health checkups, cancer screenings, and a plethora of other primary care services. As might be expected, it is those on the lower rungs of the economic ladder that suffer most from the radical Texas statute. All states with overly restrictive abortion laws face losing existing doctors.  New graduates are not choosing to practice in these states.

Won’t physicians think twice about treating miscarriages or problematic pregnancies with criminal penalties looming overhead? Doctors face enough liability under normal circumstances. These extreme laws decrease the quality of care that physicians can provide.

Straight From The Source: Texas OB/GYNs 

“I have been a practicing Ob-gyn for 25 yrs. Texas abortion statutes changed the entire tone of our office visits. Fun, exciting discussions about family planning and pregnancy have become negative, anxiety-filled consultations. Couples fear the consequences of any complication, be it maternal or fetal. One patient, who is herself an MD, had an extremely rare chromosomal abnormality incompatible with life. Luckily, she had the resources to go out of state for a medical termination. Lower-income women would not have this option.” 
“These inhumane laws place doctors in a constant struggle between doing what is best for our patients and keeping our jobs and/or facing criminal legal consequences. We are unable to honor our Hippocratic oath. None of the ob-gyn residents now plan to stay in Texas to practice. Not only that, they are not being trained properly on potentially life-saving procedures for pregnant women.”
“The Texas law refers to 'reasonable medical judgment' for a doctor to determine if the mother’s life is in danger. That onus is on me, and what’s reasonable to me may not be reasonable to a judge.”
“Possibly doing time for doing my job places undue burden. The doctor-patient covenant gets polluted, so overall treatment is compromised.”
“Criminal responsibility hangs daily over my practice.”
“Planned Parenthood has been a mainstay of preventative health care for many years. They provide primary care, cancer screening, contraception, STI screening and treatment, and more. Abortion is a small part of their practice. Continued funding and support is imperative.”


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Recent Developments

Please use this section for recent updates on abortion news and pending legislation.  Stay Informed!

North Carolina legislature overides veto and rolls back abortion rights from 20 weeks to 12 weeks. My fear is the Republicans will come back to make abortion even more restrictive.

Montana Supreme Court rebuffs Republicans. Message is to stay out of women's lives.

Texas Campaign for Mothers” has a pending bill before the state legislature allowing doctors more freedom to save the lives of mothers with non-viable pregnancies. Sign their petition now!

Finally, RNC chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel recognizes that Republicans need a "strategy" on the "abortion issue." At least it's a start.  

Republican states Nebraska and South Carolina fail to pass anti-abortion legislation

Excellent synopsis on the need for compromise by self professed "anti-abortion" zealot Ann Coulter.

Supreme Court allows continued distribution of widley used abortion pill Mifepristone. Pro-Life advocates will contine to battle to uphold the ban issued by Federal Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk.

By a very large margin, Americans overwhelmingly say the Supreme Court should overturn ban on abortion pill, Mifepristone

Rick DeSantis is not the statesman that I thought he was. Disappointing!!

Fla, Gov. DeSantis’s cowardly signing of the six-week abortion ban already has political ramifications. Billionaire and Interactive Brokers founder Thomas Peterffy halts contributions to DeSantis. Love it!!!!

Under midnight cloak of darkness and with no media present, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signs law banning abortion after six weeks; A cowardly move that will hurt his presidential aspirations.

On April 14, the Supreme Court  issued a temporary stay blocking Amarillo, Tx's  judge Matthew Kacsmaryk ruling to remove abortion pill mifepristone from the market.

The Florida 6-week abortion ban passes the House of Representaives and heads for Gov DeSantis for signature. Does he have the political courage to reject it?

The FDA formally approved abortion pill mifepristone over two decades ago. A Texas Federal judge suspended that approval with the stroke of his pen. Republicans look like fools, and will pay for this madness at the ballot box.

Wall Street Journal's Kimberly Strassel's excellent piece highlights the Republican abortion conundrum. This single issue overrides crime, the border, the deficit, and foreign policy and is Democrat's single biggest weapon to defeat the GOP.

Prominent conservative Ann Coulter see the light. "Begs conservatives to Stop Pushing Strict Abortion Limits."

A tragic Case study: Texas woman received diagnosis at 20 weeks that pregnancy was incompatible with life; Laws prevented her from abortion; Finances prevented her from traveling to another state; Baby ‘Halo” died within four hours of birth.

On April 4, Wisconsin easily elected a liberal Supreme Court justice. After Roe v. Wade otherthrow abortion became illegal. Republican intransigence cost them this election.

Fla. Senate passed a"heartbeat" bill banning abortion after six weeks. (Down from current 15 weeks.) it now goes to the House of Representatives

New Republican proposed South Carolina bill allows death penalty for women getting an abortion. Republicans have entered the Twilight Zone.

Proposal in Texas legislature to ban websites providing information on abortion, especially abortion pill mifepristone. It's Republican fascism. Sadly, the same tactics were popularized by Democrats.

Five women sue the state of Texas for denying them an abortion. They claim prohibitng abortion endangers their lives. Sounds like a correct assumption.